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Miss Jackson if you're nasty's Journal
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Date:2005-03-30 15:07

can't wait

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Date:2005-02-10 04:41

I'm back from New Orleans. Be Prepared for the BEST journal entry EVER.

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Date:2005-02-04 01:59

so here's my day

i woke up at 1:00 i went to katie and oni's apt. I ate some easy mac, then we went to animal kingdom.

Here's a pic of the inside of The Tree of Life where I saw I's Tuff to be Bug. The movie makes all the little kids cry, i love it. There's a part where the bad grashopper sprays the audience with "Insecticide" and the whole room fills with smoke and a red strobe light comes on he's like "Release the Black Widows" and spiders come down from the ceiling. After that kids started crying non-stop, i loved it. But here a pic that reminded me of kim.

this is a pic from the out side of The Tree of Life

Then we went on a safari. I saw Cheetas, Elephants, warthogs, jackel, monkeys, lions, giraffes, aligators, flamingos, deer, little rat things, and a TON of other animals.

aaron and a giraffe



Then we stayed at the animal kingdom for a while. Here's kind of a funny side story. I was in "Asia", th epart of animal kingdom, and i wanted to get pics taken with all the charicters in hte park, i had just had one taken with goofy and i went over to get one taken with Mulan. Well... It was actually just an asian woman i mistook for mulan. She didn't think it was funny, i did.

Then we went to The Wide World of Sports All-Star Cafe. It was really fucking good. We played trivia on a couple of big screens and won.

the i drove home.

here's a pic from ht e outside of mt apt. i wanna get a palm tree for my living room, they're every where.

here's oni doing a beeer bong.

then we went to catch a bus to Pi, but it was filled, so we crammed 9 count them 9 people into my car and drove there.

here some pics of where i work. this is club motion, i usualy work here or at Manequins Dance Palace.

here's the out side of the club

here's the inside

and here's the bar i protect from minors

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Date:2005-01-30 17:23

me, rusty, erin

Yester day i was working at the B.E.T. club and i saw two niggers (i love that word) get into a great fight. I had to call an ambulance though. I love drunk people.

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Date:2005-01-28 16:38

i saw la nouba with my neighbor yesterday. it was cool.

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Date:2005-01-27 16:05

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Date:2005-01-23 15:36

Just like the radical son i've returned.

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Date:2004-07-14 18:02
Subject:I ROCK

What's this thingy do again.?.?.?.


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Date:2003-08-14 20:16
Subject:Mike is an asshole

i just got back from mcdonalds and i'm SOOO happy to see that you now get 10 mcnuggets, it's no longer 9 nuggets, i like nuggets.

Today i woke up at 3:00am to head to decatour illinois. it was fun. my brother wanted to meet up with his friend lizzy. it was fun it's a tiny little school. we spent like 4 hors sittting on a couch in the lobby, it was actually pretty fun, there was a bronze sign on hte wall that said "cum loude" lol, i got a picture of it. and i actually ate cold meat, we went to some gormet deli and my sandwich was fucking cold, i hate cold sandwiches, but i ate it, i can still remember how my toung felt, it's icky. i copied my ass on a copymachine. yeah that's about all i can remember from hte college, but i know i did tons more fun shit. i've just drawn a blank,

now we get to the good stuff MIKE IS AN ASSHOLE(that's mike my stepdad), on friday for no reason he told my mom that she was "mental" and then gave her divorce papers and walked out of the house. if i would have known about this as soon as i heard about it i would have taken my tee-ball bat to the back of his shins, it turns out he's a conman, or so i've been told, all his kids hate him now too. here's what he did, it was something about how a while ago he and a friend went in to gether to open a mechanic's garage, he took al the money and skipped town. he then used his ex-wife karen for her money. i was afade of that little cocksucker was going to use my mom. i was ready to go throw some bricks through his windshield and pipebomb where ever he wass staying(nobody fucks with mom) but then mom said that everything was inher name. so she owns all of mike's stuff which is pretty good. he was to leave on foot cause he doesn't own his truck, my mom does. i could go on and on about what i learned about mike and how he's a fake, but aaron's comming over and we're gonna watch terror firmer,

later masturbaitors.

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Date:2003-08-07 16:09
Subject:Marijuava is cool

i don't think alot of people realize how interesting marijuana is. it's pretty fucking cool how you can plant a seed in some dirt and grow a plant that has chemiclas stronger than anything you can create in a lab. i'm not talking about that $30 for a 1/4 sack of bag bud that you buy in the parking lot of hte appartments on 3nd street, i'm talking about the quality bud that takes years of perfecting and mating with other plants.

i want to start my own little bio farm where i can grow copious ammonuts of bud and breed all hte health female strains together to for the most powerful indica sensemilla EVER. I want to grow some white rhino x haze x bogbubble, that shit is more powerful than meth and/or cocaine. I would love to buy a barn and convert it into the biggest green house in hte bi state area. i want a sea of green and crystalized marijuana to frolic in. Not to mention the huge ammounts of cash i would rake in.

here's a list of my favorite strains of marijuana from greatest to great but just not as great.

True Blueberry
Durban Poison
Alder Point
Hindu Kush
Purple Haze

and here's me favorites fromthe white line
White Rhino
White K.C.
White Russian
White Widow
White Afghani
White Lady

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Date:2003-08-06 14:52
Subject:i wonder if anyone will find this near as funny as me

dl uX311: didn't they teach you anything in dare
je suis Vague: HAHAHA
je suis Vague: yes
je suis Vague: that drugs were bad
je suis Vague: and that coke causes your heart to explde
je suis Vague: explode
dl uX311: lol
dl uX311: i got to touch an exploded heart in health
je suis Vague: me too!
dl uX311: i haven't done anything in for ever
dl uX311: like 9 months
je suis Vague: wow
dl uX311: i'm off hte white pony
je suis Vague: hahaha
je suis Vague: like the cotton pony
dl uX311: yeah, that's more like it

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Date:2003-07-30 14:24

You’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs / But I look around me and see it isn’t so, oh no..." "...because the E likes to fuck-fuck-fuck yo / I get 'em stuck-on and get the fuck on, and tell 'em thanks for the pussy, ho." – Wings and N.W.A.

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Date:2003-07-29 14:11

ohla, yeah, i like how rappers can leave important consenants out of words, yet their message comes across crystal clear. example
orriginal- i can throw em' but i's jst can't trussem
actual- i can throw them but i can't trust them

i'm listening to kid icarus, but their c.d. will only play in my dvd player, not my c.d. player, it's weird.

bluegill keps rubbing his face aggainst my hand as i type

there's a little spot right next to my keyboard that i cleaned off for him, he just sits there and watches me for a little bit and then watches the monitor.

i'm gonna start manufacturing DXM, all i neeed is some ziplock bags, choff syrup, and some cleaned gassoline. it will be fun. i got to go to sleep.

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Date:2003-07-27 17:14
Subject:poor goose

"Kearin said a town employee saw a group of men get out of two vehicles at Roosevelt Wilson Park about 3:30 Friday afternoon and lure the goose away from others with bread crumbs. Then one of the men repeatedly hit the goose with a golf club. Once it stopped moving, another man tossed it into the trunk and they drove away, the chief said."

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Date:2003-07-26 14:31

i like this guy, his name's adam connelly, and he paints porn but it's all done in large one color blocks

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Date:2003-07-26 14:29
Subject:yeah# 12121^5454^44444

i never update this thing anymore, but from now on i'm just going to oput tons of little one line things, and a few actull fulll length entries, yeah, that sounds good to me

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Date:2003-01-17 09:50

hey kim, the school blocked hacer mail so i can't et on it, i'm in the library, yeah, i got to go soon, i need to get some coke (the soft drink not the barbituate) yeah, i'll see you later, thanks for hte flowers and the cnady. i'm makin like a fetus and heading out. off to the land of bluegrass and incest

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Date:2002-12-29 20:47

so yeah, it's been forever since i've up dated you, you sexy journal.

about fifteen muniutes ago i found an old soundeffects album with two nazi speaches and a 20sec long segment of people screaming "Seig Heil!". so i was mixing with that and it was fun, it sounds really good, but it kind of makes me feel bad, having fun with nazis that is. but hey, at least they're good for something now. i want to go mix with my fraggle rock album but that would involve me moving and the chances of tha aren't too good right now.

i haven't worked at all in hte last three days, and i won't work again till tuesday. work's ok, i'm not going to talk about it though cause people always rant about their work and their co-workers as if we know them or as if we even care. i know that if you have a job it's probobly shitty and you don't enjoy it, there's no reason to elaberate on it, i feel you.

I need to hang out with jean soon, i was soposed to hang out with her today, but i cancled that because kim wanted to hang out cause i didn't get to see her yesterday, but i guess she forgot about that seeing as i've been home alone playing tony hawk all day. Which isn't that bad, i'd still much ather be hanging out with her but tony hawk is kind of cool and all. Maybe i can still get a hold of jean seeing that kim's ditched me :::hmm, ditch, not a good word choice, i'll cat hell for that one::: i guess i'll spend a while type type typing he heart out.

DISCLAIMER:::the following paragraph in bold type is extremely boaring, don't read it, you'll regret it:::

i got my eye tumor removed a couple of days a go, it was kind of cool. my dumb ass of a doctor, warner, thought that he could slice my eye tumor open and it wuld drain, but little did that cocksucker know, it was solid, so i had to sit in teh doctor's chair as he stck this itty bitty kim sided razorblade into my eyelid only to hae the most excruciating pain and emence ammounts of bllod run down my face, then the mother fucker has the audacity to go, well, there might be a pocket of fluid deeper inside of it. i told him not to do it casue i was going to the optomotrist tomorow and he was probobly going to do it, but to prove how better he is than me he fuckin' stuck me in the eye with no warning. i almost hit him, not because he shoved a razor blade in my eye but becasue he up and did it with no warning, i was talking to him one minute and the next he's thrusting steel into my eye. you see, you have to under stand the realtion ship me and warner have. I know he's really a cocksucker not a doctor, and he knows that i know of his true identity. it all started way back in the day. my mom and warner were good friends, this was in my stage of mind expansion (when i used to do everydrug that i could get my shaky little hands on) stage, and so my mom knew i was using misc. drugs so she decided she wanted to give me a drug test, not wanting to accuse me of anything she asked warner to ask me to pee for a different reason and then test that onhte side for drugs. So my mom takes me to the doctor to get my scholiosis looked at and warner goes i'm going to need for you to leave the room real quick because i need to talk to your mom about your spine, now the little fucker's got me worried i thought he was going to tell her that i had a month to live and thathe would raher have him break the news to me rather than he do it him self. then when i come in i ask about what they had talked about cause at this point i think i'm dying, and warner goes i need for you to pee in this cup so i can make sure that the abnormalaties of your spine haven't caused any problems with your kidneys, at this point a red flag goes up, i've been to warner for a check up maybe 5 other times before this and he's never had me pee before, so i say no. I told him that i didn't want to pee in the cup, and he says, "i need you to, you have to" and i just said "no". so he gives me the cup and says i can take it home and when i have to pee i can just pee in it and bring it to the office as soon as possible, once agian i told him "no". this is where he leaves the room and a minute later a nurse comes by and tells me that i'm done. on the way home i asked my mom what warner and she talked about, and she canges the subject, and i forget how but eventually, she says that it was a drug test, i basicly knew it was before she told me but this just confirmed my suspisions. and i told her that i did use drugs and that's the end to that part of hte story but whrn i went to go take a followup test the nurse put me in a room and a few minutes later warer came in and was like "your mothe asked me to talk to you about the drugs you used and what it can do to you" and i was like ok, what can a speed ball do to me, and he was like "i've never heard of that, i'm not sure" then i asked him about my good friend ADAM "and he didn't know what that was either", so i guess they were ok drugs then he asked me if my dad did drugs, and this pissed me off, he had no reason to bring my dad into this. and this is where i knew my mom had a part in this casue she was always trying to prove my dad still did drugs so she could get full custody ofme. so i asked him if he knew that if the first rug test he had asked me to do had came up positive, that he couldn't use it aggainst me cause it wasn't a drug test, cause to use it aggaint my dad in divorce coutrt he would have had to have told me what it was. anyways, it's hard to explain by typing and i'm sorry if you've takenhte time to read the bold.

yeah that previous paragraph was really gay.

i'm going to start my own band called SEXXXY where i play every instament and i write all the songs, it should be good, there'll be no body to tell me "that cow bell doesn't fit in there", or "you shouldn't use that word, you're white, the affican american community might find it offensive", and all my songs will be in the scale of han solo jazz e-minor so there will be no reason for tuning for every possible sound anything can create has a place in the scale.

i wonder how much money it would take to make a prostitue eat trash.

my cat just ate two rollsof toilet paper and tore a hole in her cat food bag.

i'm gonna go sleep, and maybe i'll think of some thing exciting to do when i wake, a little nap will do me good.

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Date:2002-12-07 00:43

ohh yeah, i've seen alot of journals and to be frank, everyone makes shitty lists, and with out sounding too arrogant, your lists sucks and mine rocks.

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Date:2002-12-07 00:24

today has been very... well; intersting is the best way to describe it.

I went my mom's crib cause mike's granddaughters came over and they wanted to see me. They're sooooo fucking cute. one's 4 one's 7 and one's 8 i believe. I was in hte living room eating pizza and my mom said to the girls "Do you all want to go shopping in the morning?" and the seven year old one, i think her name is stepanie, said "yes, and i'll have to get something for kyle", and the other one's were like "me too". then my mom was like "i'll take you guys to teh mall arrround noon", and steph was like "i want to go with kyle" i felt soo loved. i want some kids. she got mad when she found out i had to work and i couldn't go shopping with them.

Next missy and i went to the ice skating rink, it was fun, though we only spent like 45min ice skationg cause we got there at 9 and it closed at 10.

***DISCLAIMER***alot other cool things happened at the party but for time's sake i'll only describe a few evemts.

then the real fun for the night came arrround 10:30 when amanda called me and was like "you guys should come to some chick's house, she's having a bad ass party." so missy and i go there and it's a scene out of a shitty independant film. there's mirrors with razor blades laying every where, blow torches, soopns with black burn marks on them, rolling papers and alchol out the wazooo. not really the blowtorches and spoons, but hther was an abbundance of acid, coke and good ole' pot. and for some reason the dude at the party kept calling me greenday cause he though i look like the guy from greenday. anyways, there's this trashed up trick walking arround all stumbly and shit and she was pissing us all off. so molly gets the gread idea of ME ____ing (if you want to know the hidden words you'll have to e-mail me cause i feel bad saying it on the internet for some reason.)in hte girls's vodka bottle. and i was like hell no, then they started to pool money together and then the trashy bitch started hitting on me so i was like fine give me the bottle and i ___ed in it. and then set it onthe counter, a few minutes later she comes in the kitchen sees her bottle and was like, "some fucker put Bengay in my vodka" she then proceeds to drink it. it's important to remember that while all this is happening there's people inhte garage smoking bun ammongst other things, there's people in the bathroom doing coke (it was missy's first time seeing cocaine in person, horray for missy!!!) yeah, i'm really tierd so i'm off to bed, and by the was i did not pee in hte bottle, insert a diffrent verb.

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